Brücke 49 is located in the small village Vals deep in the Swiss Alps. Vals is not like your typical mountain retreat, functioning like a tiny urban village that exists on its own merits and not abiding to the ever changing trends of mass tourism.

We at Brücke 49 have compiled a list of experiences which the beautiful surroundings have to offer. Whether you are an active adventurer or a slow-paced explorer, Vals and its surrounding mountains will without a doubt meet your expectations.

Vals Town

In Vals “things” are how they should be. Original. Simple. Honest. Safe. Beautiful and exclusive in the sense that Vals is undiscovered by the masses and un-interesting for the conventional traveler. Even though there is a lot to discover and experience in Vals, it is not “in your face”. You have to make an effort and shape your own unique experiences which you’ll find are very rewarding and unforgettable.

The Mountains

The mountains surrounding Vals possess powers. It is a stunning wild nature that pleases the eyes no matter where they wander. With crystal clear air and lights that change constantly sweeping across the landscape of waterfalls, large woods, rocks and perhaps – if you are lucky – a glimpse of wildlife. After a while, you will find yourself in a state of serenity, finally able to hear your own thoughts.

Therme Vals

A visit to the Valser thermal baths is a must if you are a lover of architecture and design. An experience for both body and soul. The thermal spa was designed by architect Peter Zumthor and were granted protected heritage status shortly after their completion. The bath is open every day and as our guest, you get the ticket for CHF 50.- per person.

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River Dips

A dip in the icy streams and rivers running from the mountains is both a challenge and an experience. It is a mind game as well as refreshing and invigorating for your system. It’s a kick that you quickly take a liking to. We of course have our favorite spot which we will happily share with you.

Dining Out

Vals has quite a few restaurants and we of course have our favorites. Do not hesitate to ask us when visiting, we will gladly guide you in the direction of a dining experience which suits your taste. Should you wish to cook yourself, local markets and shops are at easy access and our kitchen well equipped.

Local Specialities

The community of Vals used to live solely of agriculture, why it to this day is an important part of the areas culture. The farmers of the area produce solely organic products which are mostly sold locally. You will find some of the best produce the alps has to offer in Vals.

Seasonal activities

A Nordic saying goes; “There is no such thing as bad weather – only unsuitable clothing.” The idea is that you can enjoy the mountains with a bit of caution all year round – when you set your mind to it! Think of the magical Valser mountains as a blank canvas for you to fill with your favorite sport or outdoor activity.



Some say that the Valser mountains have a power of their own. Being out there for a day or two charges your inner batteries and leave a genuine feeling of being alive. In the Valser Mountains, you have the chance to really experience “the wild”. Great trekking routs have been mapped out, but it is also possible to wander off on your own way.

The Ski Slopes

In Vals, we are proud of our Bergbahn – our cable car. Some might find it old fashioned. Others that it is unique while offering skiing in almost 3000 meters. It is slow-skiing even though the wide and meticulously prepared slopes invite you to challenge yourself. A genuine chance to concentrate on your skiing and not on other “wintersporters”.