A refuge of good design for kindred spirits

Our houses which we call Brücke 49 consists of Brücke 49 Pension and Brücke 49 Herberge.

The Pension used to belong to the Valser family, Furger. It is built from 1900 to 1902 from local materials being stone, Valser granite, and wood. All floors above the basement are made of wide, solid wooden planks. The walls are made of stone. The windows are of the old summer/winter type. The roof is made of huge granite slabs that will last more than a lifetime.

The Herberge is a “Valser Haus” from 1775. During 2019 it was completely renovated and today it presents itself as an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional interiors. 

Brücke 49 is a sanctuary for design lovers seeking a few days of solitude and rest from the urban buzz. It’s a modern basecamp for the nature lover. It’s a destination for kindred spirits thriving on meaningful memories and truthful friendships.

The Butik

For those who are not ready to leave Brücke 49 behind, we have made it possible to bring a little piece of us home. In our shop you will find a wide collection of bespoke design items. Our most popular items are now available in our online webshop.


Shared Areas

Some say life is about the people you meet. Brücke 49 is a destination in itself for kindred spirits and where one often find oneself in conversation with the people around. Our common areas are spacious and available for our guests at the Pension to enjoy as you please.



Every morning in the pension you will be served freshly baked bread, local cheeses, eggs the way you prefer, tea and hot coffee not to mention organic yoghurt with our signature müsli. Our guests in the apartments of the Herberge, will be greeted good morning with a bag of freshly baked bread hanging on their door.

Outdoor Area

We have a large garden area from where you can enjoy both the views of the town, the Valser River and the alps. Here you are welcome to bring your breakfast, drink your morning coffee in the sun, practice yoga, build a campfire for the colder evenings or what ever you prefer.


Throughout your stay at the Pension, the kitchen is free at your disposal. Here you will find the equipment you need for making coffee and tea, prepare lunch, dinner or a snack. Our curated selections of bespoke furniture, books, ceramics and home accessories are to be enjoyed throughout your stay and some are available for purchase in our butik.


Please note that each floor (2 rooms / 4 people) share a large bathroom separate from the rooms.

Bathrooms and toilets are cleaned every day and provided with fresh hand-towels.

Private Estate

Are you looking for the perfect place for your next company trip, workshop or family reunion, then Brücke 49 is the place for you. We offer our place for full rental, which means you will have the entire place for yourself. We will provide our usual services, breakfast, housekeeping and assistance in your everyday endeavours. Our place can house up to 18 guests with the possibility of extra beds.

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Mindful Exercises

Just above Brücke 49 in the garden, you will find a wooden platform facing east towards the sunrise. An ideal spot for your morning exercises, be it yoga, pilates or other mindful exercises for body and soul.


From time to time we are visited by talented teachers or companies who wish to facilitate an event in the settings of Brücke 49. This has been in the form of Yoga retreats, Sourdough masterclasses, talks and much more. Keep an eye out on our Instagram or subscribe to our mailing list to ensure you never miss a beat.