Privacy policy.


One of the basic ideas of Brücke 49 is that it feels like a safe haven in an ever-changing world. When we wrote our Raison Détre back in 2010, we thought of Brücke 49 as a place reflecting the holiday needs of urban international travelers but at the same time a solid and comfortable cornerstone. Brücke 49 should be a safe and comfortable place of personal relaxation.

Today this is more relevant than we could imagine. For everyones safety we therefore kindly ask you to go by the following simple house rules.


You obviously can’t come when you are sick or Corona infected. You travel at your own risk. Keep a distance of at least 2 meters to other persons at all times. Do not shake hands or extend hugs. Cough or sneeze away from others and cover your mouth. Wash your hands often.

The rules set by the authorities must be respected at any time during your stay with us. Keep updated on the official website of the Federal Office of Public Health.


Your room is your domain. No one enters other than you.

The bathrooms are shared by 2 rooms. In each bathroom a shower is dedicated to each room so that you are able shower apart. The bathrooms are throughly cleaned every day.

As long as the extraordinary virus-rules are in force, cooking by yourself is limited to quick, light and easy meals which gives everyone a chance to use the kitchen without getting to close.

Disinfection will be available by the entrance, in every bathroom, toilet and kitchen


Herberge offers 3 solitary fully self-catered holiday apartments. The individual apartments will be cleaned before your arrival with extra attention to disinfecting all surfaces. The general rules (above) applies, but other than that you can enjoy your stay as you want.