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Brücke 49
Poststrasse 49
CH-7132 Vals

Brücke 49 offers two kinds of extraordinary high mountain stays. Brücke 49 Pension is a re-invention of the original and cozy B&B. A carefully curated interior provides the perfect setting for memorable experiences.

Brücke 49 Herberge is the extension of the Pension with semi-serviced apartments intended for longer stays for the whole family. Both properties are sanctuaries for design-lovers seeking a few days of solitude and rest from the urban buzz. Basecamps for nature lovers who enjoy the great mountain outdoors. Destinations in themselves for kindred spirits seeking meaningful memories and truthful friendships. Curated locations for kinfolk gatherings, creative workshops or maybe just a stay with your loved one.



Arriving from the south you aim for Chur driving over the mountain pass San Bernardino. The longer route takes you through the San Gottard tunnel to Andermatt and from there you go over Oberalp Pass to Disentis and Ilanz. This is a summer drive ONLY. A third option is going over Lukmarnia Pass that goes from Bellinzona to Disentis. This route is also the best in the summer.  Please check information about the mountain passes on the route you choose before going. From October to April, you have to use winter tires.

Arriving from the north you aim for Chur and then Ilanz and Vals. From Chur you have about an hour’s drive to Vals. From Ilanz there are about 30 minutes.


There is a bus connection to Vals from Ilanz every hour from 8.35 am to 20.35 pm. The last “bus” only goes if you call ahead an hour before. The number you call is;  +41 (0)79 720 48 70.

From Zürich Main station the train goes via Chur to Ilanz every half hour, but please be aware there is a short connection in Chur and the train from Chur to Ilanz only goes every hour. Please see for more information.


You can load and unload directly in front of Brücke 49 or Brücke 49 Herberge.

In general please use the public parking area 2 minutes walk from Brücke 49. With the parking ticket we provide it is free of charge.


There is a public charging station for E-bikes 50 meters from Brücke 49.  There are no charging stations for cars. But we are happy to provide a normal cable for charging. Please let us know in advance allowing us to prepare the cable for you.

Plan your stay

Vals is not a typical tourist destination. It is still intact and off the radar from mass tourism. There is a lot to experience, but it is not “in-your-face” attractions. You have to make a small effort in creating your own experiences. We are happy to help but suggest you start by visiting to get an overview.

Private hire

Consider Brücke 49 as your private chalet for the extension of your stay. It can be serviced any way you like to make your holiday really special. Having the whole house at your disposal means you can cook your favorite dishes, sing, dance and enjoy life. Please reach out to us for more information and prices.

Events & Workshop

Brücke 49 Werkstatt is an old Valser-barn which we have restored and converted into a place where almost anything can happen. On the lower floor (where the animals used to stay in the winter) we have a nice large room with a new soft wooden floor than spans from the back of the room all the way into the open. Huge doors can be opened letting in the fresh mountain air. The room is perfect for yoga or other mindful exercises.

The upper floor (the former hay-loft) is an open space with the raw walls, floors and ceiling with the heavy old wooden beams holding the huge granite slabs of the roof. The room can be accessed from 2 sides and we think it is perfect for gatherings, kinfolk dinners, events and inspiring talks.