Here Time Feels Like Standing Still

Time has become something really precious for modern people. We want to get the most of “our time” because no matter how hard we try there never seems to be enough time.

Having a few days of well deserved rest therefore leaves little room for experiments, that might turn out to be a waste of time. So when we travel we want to get the best in a concentrated way, of the places we visit. We want to get as close as possible to the real spirit of the place and close to the people living there. On the upper floor of the house you’ll find The Valser Room and the smaller Tomül Room. This floor is also perfect for a larger family in need of up to 6 beds. Or friends visiting the mountains together. It’s private spacious enough to be a exclusively for yourself enjoying the design classic Pelican chair made by Finn Juhl. The Valser Room room reaches from the front till the back of the house and therefore comfortably holds 3 beds. You will enjoy the view and the sun streaming from the south-facing windows.