From Dusk Till Dawn

It is not unusual that the house is quiet before 10 in the evening as many of our guests enjoy a good long nights sleep or relax in their rooms with an interesting magazine or book from our miniature library.

We sometimes ourselves find it amusing to watch an classic movie on our computer in bed while zipping a glass of wine, a beer or something more potent. We call it “the suite” just because it is the largest of our rooms. It is actually 2 separate rooms. A sizeable living room with a big stone oven and a seating arrangement by Another Country and Minotti. In addition a really comfy sleeping room with a freshly made double bed and a special bright red chair designed by Minotti. The suite is almost an entire floor of the house so from its windows you can enjoy the view facing east towards the Tomül Pass. From here the sun will shine over the peaks and into the room. During the day the Sun move towards the south at the far end of the valley. You also have a perfect view towards the village and the old church. If you open the windows fresh clear mountain air will flow in the room and you’ll enjoy the calming sound from the river passing by below.