Charming and stylish imperfection.

4 double rooms. Each with its own personality. Each of our four double rooms has it's own special atmosphere, but they all express a dedication to luxury and good design which gives you a pleasant comfortable feeling .

Brücke 49 is curated by Ruth and Thomas as a mix of “a good eye” for interior design and a life long passion for the "good things" which are well-made, combined with many years experiences of travelling the World for both business and pleasure. From that you learn the hard way what works and what doesn’t in terms of service, quality, convenience, design, materials and commitment to give every guest a happy memory. Each room is meant to be your personal retreat. Stylish as well as practical and cosy. At the entrance of the house each room has a big cupboard for hiking boots and ski-equipment. There is no bathroom or toilet in the rooms. We think it is nicer that this is seperate from where you sleep. On each floor you have a spacious bathroom of the best materials. Squicky white and clean for your comfort and wellness.