The media came. They saw and they took notes.

It is probably not everyday that people engage into the world of hospitality of pure passion without any experience and with the only objections than to move, touch and inspire the guests.

It a good story when people decide to take a chance and change their lifes. Sell everything what they have and move to "the far end of the word" to start over. In our case we moved from Denmark to Vals in 2009. Rented Peter Zumthor's private home in Leis and began from scratch in the age of 50+. Thomas worked with the farmers and in the winter on the skilifts above Vals. Ruth as a freelance fashion designer. Bit by bit. By luck and by hard work we build a new life around Brücke 49 as our solid base. This is our story that had been told in many magazines and other media over the past 5 years.