Brücke 49 Benefits

50% discount on Therme Vals entrance fees

Free Aperitif in the 2 Michelin Star Restaurant Silver

Special Rates

In the “old days” it was believed that a journey could cure almost anything. If you suffered from a physical or mental illness a visit to a sacred place would bring you back on your feet. A stay in the fresh mountain air and bright sunlight was and still is no exception as it brings true wellness in the form of of a healthy body and spirit. In order to make your stay with us even better we offer you a number of discounts and services besides offering you our personal best experiences.

When you stay with us we not only take care of your Therme reservation, but also make sure you get half price on the entrance fee.

If you allow us to make your reservation you will enjoy a free glass of champagne or aperitif at the two Michelin star Silver Restaurant.

We offer a number of special rates for Business Weeks, Wellness Walks, Massage and Private Ski-Lessons. Please contact us with information about the kind of retreat you have in mind and we will do what we can to make it happen.



Free Cable Car ride to mountain-station Gadastatt

Included in your stay is a free ride with the gondola to Gadastatt in 1.800 meter. A perfect starting point for hikes, trail runs or down hill mountainbiking.

Free hiking bus

The Valser hiking bus takes you to Zervreila, Leis Alp and the Peil Valley. From you start your hikes to higher altitudes like for instance Valserberg, The 3 Lakes or Piz Aul.