The good things in life are not things !

Our life has always been about the people we meet. Brücke 49 and our daily life in the high mountains, is a dream come true. For many years Ruth talked about how wonderful it would be to have a small guesthouse. Thomas, enjoying the hands-on work dreamt of a simpler life closer to nature.

For more than 20 years we both enjoyed reasonable good careers. Ruth as a fashion designer. Thomas in communication and business development. We worked for international companies which took us to wonderful places. Travelling the World we always found ourselves talking about how it would be to live elsewhere and what we could do for a living. One of the places we often came back to was Vals. Sometimes just to relax. Sometimes to re-think our situation or develop new concepts for clients. Vals is for us a place of both power and tranquility. As it happens we made a decision to re-arrange our lives. In 2007 Thomas sold his company and in 2009 we moved to Vals for good. Ruth continued as a freelance designer. Thomas started working with a local farmer and at the Bergbahn helping out at the lifts. In 2010 one of the Valser farmer-families approached us regarding their house at the river. And that was the start of our adventure in alpine hospitality.