At Brücke 49 you will be moved, touched and inspired.

The atmosphere is like arriving in a place that gives you the same comfort and wellbeing as your home.

We want Brücke 49 to be as welcoming and open that they feel like they are spending time with good friends at someone's home, making it a unique common experience for all of them.

It is very important for us to meet everyone as equals instead of as hosts and guests. Just as if we were old friends, we take an interest in how our guest feel, introduce them to the house and the region, talk about the experience they want to have and help them with reservations. The minute you arrive you should start enjoying and relaxing.

Trusting each other plays a big role at Brücke 49. We don't charge our guests for changes or cancellations unless it's the same day or day before their scheduled arrival. We allow them to use the house any time they like. They don't have to wait to be served or ask anybody what they want. At Brücke 49 we want to enable a lot of freedom compared to any other hotel.

Travelling well is about meaningful experiences.

What you never forget is when you have been moved, touched and inspired ! We will do our outmost to provide the best possible conditions for you stay with us. No matter if it is just a few days of re-booting, a family gathering, a hiking trip or an unusual workshop with your favourite colleagues.

We believe a good health feeds a strong and healthy mind. We were not natural born “Athletes”. But over the years we have worked up an appetite for different kinds of sports, that we enjoy as we get a rewarding feeling of being “alive” and “awake”. In Vals you have plenty of things to do if you want to build or maintain your level of personal well-being. From the extreme downhill mountain biking, long or short trekking to the comfortable early morning run along the Valser Rhein river. Above Brücke 49 you will find a fine wooden platform overlooking the village and the impressive Hörali Peak towards the Tomül Pass. Facing east, the sun will rise over the mountain brim and provide a perfect setting for your morning yoga, stretching, muscle exercises or just a nice place to sit and wake up with a cup of freshly made cappuccino.