Join The Breakfast Club

The Brücke breakfast is where it gets personal. Not only do we have friendly competition between us who makes the best breakfast. We also have our slightly different personal style which reflects who we are and what we think is the best start of the day.

At the breakfast table it is not unlikely you feel it’s a meeting of minds with the fellow travellers staying in the house. You will most likely enjoy common passions and interests. Maybe exchange experiences and creative ideas. Contacts are established and sometimes friendships are founded around the Brücke 49 breakfast table. We believe that with every morning comes a new beginning. And when you start the day right, there is no end to what each day can bring.  We invite the local farmers to be our partners in bringing you a taste of what is produced in the mountains around us. The keywords for our homemade breakfast are organic, healthy and local produced as milk, cheese, yoghurts, dried meat, confiture and honeys accompanied by the best tasting coffees and breakfast teas.