A Room With A Memorable View

The Tomül Room is on the top floor overlooking the village of Vals and above towards the Tomül Mountain Pass.

The Tomül room is a small romantic getaway where you can hide and relax for a few days. Take the load of your shoulders and enjoy being tucked away from the busy World. Open the window and let the mountain-air, sun and the sound of water rushing by in the Valser Rhein in front of the house.

The room on the top floor is inspired by the  “shaker style”.  All the walls have been restored by using the original planks and mixed with a few new elements like the band of knobs. Thomas’ Børge Mogensen family chair is also an important part of this room.  This memorable room is looking up on the in the breathtaking Tomül Pass.

Brücke 49 can almost whatever you want it to be to fit your needs for a perfect holiday, a creative get-together, a short stay for hiking in the mountains, a pension, a holiday home for a week with your loved ones.

The house is symmetrical with the original staircase in the middle leading from the entrance in the ground-level to the spacy and comfortable living room, kitchen and library from where you walk out into the garden situated with a fantastic view over the Rhein river, the Valser village and towards the surrounding mountains.

Half a flight up you'll find the Apres Ski or Hiking area with a fireplace and cosy chairs.

On the second floor is the suite which takes up the whole with of the house with a stylish living room featuring an original stone fireplace and beside a spacious bedroom.

Continuing up the stairs you arrive at the top floor with two rooms named after the Tomül mountain pass and the Zervreila Mountain visible from the rooms.